Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stretch the dollars series: Terminate your broadband and get a free home line

I am beginning to enjoy $35 of monthly savings after terminating my Singnet broadband. I have switched to using the starhub hubstation (additional $4 monthly, as compared to digital setup box), which provided 1MPS free internet. The catch is that your computer has to be near the hubstation before connection can be made. Alternatively, you can also fix up a router for wireless home access. However, connection may be much slower.

I see little speed differences between Singnet’s 1MPS paid subscription and the hubstation connection. Best of all, I am able to get a free home line from starhub with my old number being port over to them. There is free incoming and outgoing local calls and no monthly fees.

Singtel made a last attempt to waive off my home line fees if I sign up a 2 year 3 MPS plan @ $30 monthly with them.

Too bad, it wasn’t appealing enough.

Goodbye Singtel. No more fines from you again!