Monday, January 25, 2010

Portfolio Updates

My portfolio of invested amount went up slightly to breach the $400k mark last week when I took the opportunity to invest as STI fell. If you have read my post here, you would have realised that I need to invest $66k annually from 2010 and acheive return of 7.1% compounded yield before I can reach $1M in 2015.

This means that I need to invest another $10k more to reach my target this year.

Is that possible? I am not sure. Markets are volatile and the economic cycle seems shorter and shorter. My masters programme seems painfully slow to complete and I am literally struggling with my 14 hour job daily (including weekends).

I have switched to a new role (downgraded actually) in my company which means I have to be monitored closely. I hate that kind of feeling of being watched and assessed by goondos. This means that I am likely to tender my resignation and go into full time studies at the end of this year.

Where can I get $66k to invest if I have to be out of job for 6 months? Classmates will shun me too!! haha.. especially the girls!!

The only consolation I have is that my dividends of at least 5% per year will provide me with $20k of pocket money (annually) if I am out of job. (actually slightly more lah!)

That said, I think with prudent money management, having $400,000 of investment funds right now is a nice moment to savour. Although I hope I can breach the $0.5M mark soon, but I do hope the trade offs that comes along are not high...

Thanks for reading this blog and saving it at your favourites. Many people have followed my investment journey... MW, LP, WJ, JW, Marvin, Drizzit, Panzer, ghchua and many more.. I hope you guys will be around, young and fit when I write my $1M post!! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

8% return on your deposits!

No, this is not a gimmick! For those who are residing in Australia, you can place your deposits at Westpac (2nd largest bank in Aus) and earn a 8% on your fixed deposit. The only catch is you have to place it for a 5 year term.

Wow, only $5,000 minimum sum and you can do it online! Reits in Singapore are not even yielding that kind of return. Forget SPH, Singpost and Starhub! Come over to Australia and enjoy risk free of 8%! Btw, what's the yield of our CPF? Temasek and GIC?

Imagine you put $1M, get the 8% and reside in China.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exchange Programme @ UOA

Dear readers:

Sorry for the lack of updates! Sgbluechip has taken a step to go overseas for studies (exchange programme) and currently resides in University of Adelaide. It is a scary yet refreshing experience. Internet connection took days before it was set up. Some photos will tell a little of my story...

Taking portfolio theory (CAPM) and Alternative Investments modules

Streets of Adelaide

More buildings

The place is just so big! Traffic is fine, people are friendly, air is fresh and climate is wonderful!
I can't blog much, due to limited and slow connectivity. Photos were taken from my trusty 2 MP iphone. SBC apologise for the poor resolutions! More updates will be given when I settle down! Wishing a belated happy new year and a huat year for all my readers!!!