Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How to measure your life?

Clayton Christenson, retired professor of Harvard Business School spoke to a group of students about life. He applied his business theories on life and offered some good advices on how to live a good and satisfying life. Prof. Christensen argued that, when we measure our lives, we always mistaken short term tangible indicators such as social hierarchy and wealth as the true measure of a successful life. i.e living in a capitalist society, we are nurtured, so to speak, to measure our lives the same way as how business firms measure profits and losses. In the end, as we are moving to the end of our life, it is how many people in life that we positively impacted and how we stand by our moral principles that are important. As Prof Christensen remarks "God is not an accountant!" He offered this lecture for the young people as an education about life.