Monday, July 21, 2008

Going for a job interview

I went for a job interview at a well known company in my industry. I actually submitted my application for fun as I feel really saturated at my current workplace. I was pleasantly surprise when the VP of the company offered to buy over my bond from my company if I was selected for the job. Though I did rather poorly at the interview and have no intention to break my bond, the interview process made me rethink my career path. I guess I need a radical change to meet different challenges in life and not stay in my comfort zone all my life.

Strictly speaking, that was my first job interview in my life, as I was offered a sponsorship by my current company after the interview 10 years ago.

Below are 10 random interview questions I remembered:

1) Why are you leaving your current company? (as if I will tell the truth!) (scored)
2) Why did you choose us? ( Testing my knowledge and preparation of the company) (scored)
3) What other companies have you applied? (Testing my “loyalty” preference) (scored)
4) What are the qualities you have that will enable you to excel in the post you are applying? (scored)
5) Describe yourself (flunk)
6) Tell me how your boss will describe you? (flunk)
7) How will your colleagues describe you? (scored)
8) What was the most challenging encounter you met this year and how did you resolved it? (flunk)
9) Tell me more about the awards you receive during your career stint. (scored)
10) What do you think we can offer you? (scored)

Obviously I did not prepare for the interview! I believe I scored a 6.5/10 for my performance. I believe I will not get selected, but my takeaway is that it gave me a good feel of what employers will want from prospective employees. Oh well, better luck next time! Actually I am not keen to join that firm also, heard that people there work longer hours than my side. I will be in a dilemma if I am eventually offered a post. In any case, I having more options in life cannot be a bad thing, right?

Let time tell!


Invest Money Lab said...

Sound like you enjoyed the interview a lots and it was a great experience for you. Judging from the point that the VP offered to buy over your bond, you have a great chance to get the job... ;-) All the best!

Sgbluechip said...

Thanks money lab! I just went to interview for fun! It was just a nice way to reconsider my career options.