Monday, September 15, 2008

Quick updates

I have bought Keppel Corp @ $9.28 a fortnight ago (cash) and 4 lots of STI ETF (CPF) @ $2.58 today.

Will the market go further breaching the 2400 mark and go all the way down to 1800 points?

Possibly so.

But I will continue to invest whenever I have cash to dollar cost average and will hold my stocks dearly till the next Bull Run comes.

I do hope SPH will fall below $3.96 for me to pick up more! I intend to sell all my holdings for a modest profit in Dec and cherry pick battered blue chips then! If not I will be happy to receive a decent dividend payout which would enable me to have an added year end bonus too.


Anonymous said...


I am waiting for Keppel Corp to come down to 8 to buy it at the level you have recommended.

Have basically put a Alert to sound at the price levels you have laid out.

Hopefully, it will drop another 22 cents to reach 8 and then i can join you in Keppel Corp.

By the way, thanks for the tips and target Purchase prices

Sgbluechip said...

At a price of $8, you are likely to make a 30% profit in 2 years time if u sell it at $10.40.