Thursday, March 5, 2009

Personal updates

Apologies to my faithful readers who have waited so long to read my post. I was literally struggling with work and studies these days, as many of you know. Now that I study part time, I have enormous respect for people who complete their masters and undergraduate degree the same manner. It is really sheer discipline, hardwork, time and stress management in one package.

Other than taking out time to attend lectures and tutorials, the most traumatising part is to prepare for tests and submit assignments on time. With little knowledge and limited time, I have to work like a bull almost every day just to put everything together.

Work definitely suffered as a result. I became more forgetful and careless at work, making several silly mistakes that caused sleepless nights for me. Luckily it is all over now.

I just got back my tests and assignments. I am really glad that all were above 80%! I always fear that I will fail the tests and have to put in extra hours to make sure that I pass. Compared to classmates who are already finance analysts, accountants and traders, it was a personal achievement just to do as well as some of them.

Going forward, I am really unsure if I can stand the stress of the many more modules ahead. The time, effort and price for a masters is taking a toil on my work and health. I might be considering other careers apart from finance when my bond ends.
Hopefully there is a better place for me out there, somewhere.


Everlearning said...

Perserverance is the key word to success. Of course, the passion for the subjects you study is of priority to start off in any endeavour.

Congratulations! You can make it, sgbc. Take a breather so that your health will not be affected. Nothing beats a healthy mind and body.

Do write and share your financial stuff whenever possible. Kind of miss your writing for a long time.

erwinx said...

hi, is there a degree classification for your Masters... if you maintain 80% plus do you give a cum laude certification on your degree?

Sgbluechip said...

Hi EL, thanks for being my faithful reader! Was back to work today in office. I guess I need to hate my work more to motivate me to hang on my studies! Thanks for the encouragement!! I still got lots of assignments to clear this weekend!!

Sgbluechip said...

Hi erwinx, there is no classification for masters.

sredharan said...

when the going gets tough, the tough get going.....

from prof bandura website:

"A man who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms against himself. He makes his failure certain by himself being
the first person to be convinced of it."
~ Alexandre Dumas, ~

suggest you deal with one issue at a time, or one module at a time and soon the masters will be a mountain conquered.... for relaxation read some eckhart tolle works about how to face life well.
Finish the masters and look for another career if finance has lost its allure.... finishing is important for your own well being.



JW said...

Currently as a fresh grad (of batch 2008), I'm also very busy... With both full time engineering work and full time tuition (I consider myself full time).

And I'm still considering Masters for the year 2010... Guess I will be even more busy than you by that time :(

All I can say to you... Jiayou!

沈伊 said...

I have to pay my salute to you as I totally understand how difficult it was. I walked it myself too! But I'd just completed and waiting for result now. All the luck to you and I believe that everyone who take on this route will have a very very good success. Bless you.