Friday, September 4, 2009

My loyalty is only worth $50 voucher

I called up Starhub recently to enquire about re-contracting my mobile line. Being a faithful 4 year starhub user, I wanted to request for a voucher to offset the purchase price for my next mobile phone.
After 3 days, an advisor called me and told me I am entitled to get a $50 handset voucher which will follow my registered number up to 1 month. I will not get a mailed voucher and neither will I get a cent more.

Compared to M1, which I have been a subscriber before switching to Starhub corporate plan, M1 had rewarded me with $100 vouchers without fail every 2 years. Upon termination notice, it offered a 30% cut to my mobile bill to retain their service.

Also, M1 offers a $100 discount to new sign ups now, even for corporate plans. I guess its time to switch back to M1. Moreover, the cheapest corporate plan is only $15 monthly, which is more than enough to serve my needs, giving me a $10 savings monthly. Caller ID and auto roaming will be free for 2 years.
I urge readers to check out corporate plans over the phone with the telcos. They are not advertising such plans and you will need to call them up personally to check. You could possibly make substantial savings of few hundred dollars if you are entitled to sign up on corporate plan.

Time to say goodbye to Starhub!


sin teck said...

I was a ex-starhub corperate mobile user as well as an ex-maxonline user.

Few months ago, i was in your situation where they only offered me just $50 voucher. I deicded to port over my number to Singtel as they ofter $100 off discount.

kit said...

How did you request for the corporate rate? Via your company?
I tried calling up M1 customer service and they said that corporate rate is only linked with companies who has substantial volume discount with them.