Friday, October 2, 2009

Selecting a gym membership with swimming pool

Due to work and studies commitments, I have become rather unhealthy, as I sit on the chair for long hours without knowing and moving. Hence, I decided to look for a gym membership that would best serve my needs.

Basically, I would need a gym membership that is near my workplace or home that comes with a swimming pool. I intend to spend 45 minutes to an hour each time.

My budget is only $40 monthly.

One reputable gym got back to me and offered me a promotion: 36 months of gym membership (all gym access with pool at Suntec) and 6 months free, together with 3 complimentary sessions of workout with a personal trainer. It costs an average of $48 monthly. The only drawback is that I have to commit for 3 years at one go and the pool at Suntec is quite far (though within walking distance) from the gym.

Another gym membership costs roughly twice the price but there is no “lock in” period. It also comes with an integrated pool beside the gym but is too far from my workplace. Besides, it is way above my budget.

Registration fees were waived for the above 2 gyms.

I enquired on the SAFRA (Energy First) gym package and was appalled that it costs almost $60 per month after registration fees and monthly fees were factored in. If you have been to SAFRA gyms, you know it is only a slight tad better than the community sports centre ones.

The SAFRA membership was given by my company and we sometimes conduct our meetings there. My only impression of the facilities and environment is “minimalist” theme and a heaven for teenage kids. The bowling allies and pool centres are remembered to be packed with teenagers in the afternoons. However for less than $4 a month membership and an additional 7% off caltex petrol, I do not expect the sky.

After much consideration, I decided to go for the cheapo and convenient way of signing up for my community centre gym instead. It costs me a mere $10 monthly and comes with a treadmill and a few weights machine. It is only a 5 minutes walk from my home and this translates to savings on car parking and time. I will go for a swim in SAFRA clubs twice a week (which is free for members) and hit the treadmill twice in my community centre for 45 minutes. The drawbacks are it can be rather crowded in the evening and some people there can be boorish and vulgar. Not recommended for ladies though!

Hence my total cost for the healthy lifestyle cost a mere $18 a month inclusive of parking fees. Not bad for 4 workout sessions a week. The good thing of spending way below my initial budget is that I do not feel pressurised to go the gym or pool as my “sunk costs” are low. Even if I reduce the frequency of the exercises by 50%, I do not feel wasteful as I got a pretty good DIY hybrid deal.

Healthy lifestyle, here I come!

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Andre said...

A gym membership doesn't get you fit. Discipline and motivation does.
All the best!