Saturday, April 10, 2010

When you can hear

Today a new admin staff came to my office. When I wanted to speak to her, she passed me a black colour remote control like device and asked me frantically to speak into the device. I was quite taken aback as I didn’t know how to use it until she demonstrated it to me. That was when I realised that she was having a hearing aid on her ear. Every time we want to communicate to her, we have to speak to her listening device and it will amplify our conversation to her ear piece.

I was actually quite overwhelmed by her disability. Even though it was not as serious as not being able to see, smell, taste or feel, yet I feel so much for this young lady.

Over the past few years, I spent a large part of my time pursuing wealth, work and academic studies. Even on a Saturday night, I am clearing my work from home now, hopefully I can have my Sunday free. Yet as I listen to the wonderful music playing from my laptop, I taught of this (near) deaf girl.

What she wants in life is so simple. To hear us clearly. To answer the telephone. To use an ipod. To drive.

Sometimes when I look at the misfortune of others, I gloat at myself. Every day I struggle to juggle between societal expectations of a 30 year old graduate, yet within me, all I wanted was a simple, low paying, brainless job to get by the day happily.

So what if I manage to reach $500,000 assets by December 2010? So what if I get the Masters in Applied Finance? Will that warrant a passport to happiness?

I guess it is time to take life slowly now. As I listen to beautiful music, I feel blessed to be even able to hear them. Something that Beethoven couldn’t even enjoy.

I will tender my resignation by the end of this year and enjoy being unemployed. Perhaps I would just be the clerk next door.

Stay tuned. J


Alvin Liu said...

I am the same age as you and I have the same feelings as you sometimes.
But I am torn between this paradox of materialism and idealism.
We live in a pragmatic and material society, yet at the same time we do have the ability to get out of it.
It will have to be done against the background of societal norms and pressure.
If you do leave your job, and do something else. I will root for you. For doing that, I am rooting for myself too. ;)

Derek said...


I couldn't agree with you more. Money does not equate happiness but yet society uses money as a measure of success and happiness.

How often does the average Singaporeans see someone less well to do.I guess most of us are surrounded by people who talk about cars, condos, latest fashion, elite schools etc. How often to we see or hear people talking about having finding money to send my kid to school, to pay for this month utility bills or finding a roof over their heads?

With that said, even I myself is caught up in this rat race but once in while, I will be reminded that there are many people worse off than me. Take a step back and appreciate the many simple things that we have taken for granted.

Createwealth8888 said...

thesundaytimes, Jan 10, 2010


Are Singaporeans happier when they have lots more money?

Sunny Chow said...

I also like to resign from my job at the end of this year. Leaving an evergreen industrial is not an easy decision but I really have enough of it. Guess what, I am already 40 years old, hope it will not be too old to start a new career.

Sgbluechip said...

Hi Sunny, all the best! We should learn to let go.

everlynn said...

To earn all the money in the world and forsake your soul, it is not worth it

there must be more to life than just money.
And that the end of the day when one lies in the grave, what will the world remember you for --is the most important thing.

FATFACE said...

I feel the same.

Some a**h**** MNC pay their admin double my salary and they put on make up at work while I slog it out and have nightmares at night.
I jus woke up from one.