Sunday, November 6, 2011

Common Law Is The Law For Common Man 法证先锋3 Translation

Cantonese dramas are the best form of entertainment. It virtually costs nothing as it can be downloaded on the net, provide excellent subject knowledge of law and specialised fields. I took awhile to translate the above, impressed by the efforts made by the script/research writer. The below translation begins at 1:05

Pro Sir: Common law is the law for common man. Common law is the fundamentals of all Hong Kong laws. The model for common law is to accept the objectivity of rules. This refers to the unspoken rules agreed by the majority which dictates habits, truth and false, right and wrong. This forms the fundamentals of common law.

The motive behind an action is accepted is not solely due to my judgment but derived from the fundamentals of common law. It reflects the same motive behind the same action of the majority.

The accused forcefully inserted the pill bottle into the deceased mouth. The motive behind the action was to force the deceased to swallow ketamine pills within the bottle.

Lawyer: Your honour, the witness’s illustration has already been dislodged from the specialization of a forensic scientist.

Pro Sir: My professional judgment must definitely be base on the fundamentals of common law. Thus my court statement is not dislodged from my profession.

Judge: Expert witness, you may continue.

Pro Sir: Thus when you brought the bottle to your mouth with a swallowing action, the whole set of actions under normal circumstances would led one to believed that the bottle is filled with water or other forms of liquid. Thus a normal person would then be driven to display a drinking action.

Of course, a person would also would pick up an empty bottle and pretend to drink. This is because he is acting. He is an actor. The motive behind your actions is to create a perfectly logical scenario. In reality, your account is an unconceivable illusion which is a blatant attempt to overthrow the whole truth.

From your perspective, to overrule my judgment, your motive is reasonable. But I need to emphasize, the legal judgment I made is based on the fundamentals of common law. The accused forcefully inserted a bottle full of ketamine pills into the deceased’s mouth have led to her death.

This is definitely a correct judgment, closest to the truth.

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Your Translation is accurate and AWESOME!