Friday, May 30, 2008

Starhub corporate news: Mio TV poses no threat

StarHub – Nearly a year on since it relinquished its decade-long stranglehold on the local pay TV market, StarHub has maintained that it has not seen a drop in its subscriber numbers so far. The telco said that it is expecting to continue to grow its pay TV subscriber base here by 5 to 10% a year, as part of its ongoing bid to boost its current penetration rate of 44.5%. Latest figures show that StarHub has 508,000 pay TV subscribers out of 1.1m potential households. In contrast, rival SingTel's 10-month-old mio TV had 44,000 subscribers for its pay-TV service at the end of March 2008, up from just 27,000 last December. Even with such a sizeable difference, StarHub's aggressive push to further expand its stable of channels is being seen as a way to build on that advantage over the competition. While maintaining that its cable TV prices were unlikely to fall any time soon, due to soaring content costs, Starhub said that consumers will get more bang for their buck in the long run. For starters, four new channels will be added to the Basic and the newly created Basic Upsize tiers, taking the total number of channels on offer to 159.

Sgbluechip says: Cable TV accounts roughly 17% of Starhub FY 07 revenue. The main cashcow is still mobile, accounting more than 50% of their revenue.

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