Friday, May 30, 2008

Stretch your dollars series: Reach your destination early

I understand that many peers my age like to spend/shop whenever they get their pay cheques. They feel that it is a reward of their hard work, tolerance to bitchy/domineering bosses and to relax one’s mind and body. However, I do not obtain pleasure from shopping and buying goods that are not necessary. If you take a close look of my expenditure, I rarely splurge on things that are not necessary. In fact, I derive pleasure from reading good books, jogging around my neighbourhood, watching cable drama serials with intriguing plots, deriving income from investments, talking to wiser people on life, taking an afternoon nap, driving down to neighbourhood central for a good meal and meeting up with friends working in different occupations at McDonalds or starbucks.

It does not cost me much to obtain pleasures in life. I have often reasoned that it is easier to spend than to save. It is harder to derive pleasure cheaply than to spend and derive it. Hence, I am doing things the difficult way (relatively) to get the same outcome. Does that mean that I am intellectually less competent than people who choose the easier way to get the same outcome?

It does not matter to me. In fact, I am relieved that simple things in life can keep me motivated and positive to face life’s challenges. Most importantly, if I can retire earlier than my peers, I do not mind to be intellectually handicapped all the way.

At least I can reach the finishing point earlier.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all the encouragements given by members from Sgfunds forum. I have received encouraging private messages and positive suggestions on my investment strategies.

Thank you!

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