Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good business!

I thought for fun the “recession friendly” businesses that can profit from our current technical recession. I have come up with of a few:

Hawker food

Less people are patronizing the restaurants as we tighten our belts. Hence, hawker fare will appeal to more people. At least we do not have to pay GST, service charge in exchange for poor service and mediocre food.


I will not be surprise if Singpost come out with a better set of quarterly results as we all know that pawnshop business has a negative correlation with the economy. More people are pawning their valuables for short term loans.

Psychiatrist Clinics

As we feel the heat of the recession, many people will be losing sleep over their devalued stocks, impending pay cuts and retrenchments, pushing some to the abyss of depression.
Psychiatrists might possibly profit from higher help seekers.

2nd hand businesses

As reported in the news, some people are selling their cars at fire sale to 2nd hand car dealers. This will translate to lower prices of cars. In general, for middleman buying and selling 2nd hand goods, I believe they are in for a bumper year.

Education industry

As people get retrenched and are unable to find jobs at the moment, many will go back to school to upgrade themselves while getting ready for the economy to recover. Some people will go ahead with courses to stay relevant in their industry and prove their relative higher value to the management to avoid the axe.

Safe box manufacturers

As we know, credit is tightening for all as banks do not trust each other as much as before. There might be a bank collapse while I am blogging this article. Hence, safe boxes will be in demand as people buy to keep their cash/gold at home, safe from banks and full time robbers.

I do hope there is no increase in demand for MRT cleaners to clean the bloody tracks though!


sre said...


I do enjoy your blog and the singapore humor. I would caution though not to look at suicide as a laughing matter. Studies by a social scientist named lyndon duke, has shown that people who are close ( the living ) to the actual suicide victim take many years to recover from this, far in excess of grief we would share for the loss of a loved one. I am quite sure you didn't mean to offend anyone and my only point is to look for many other things to laugh at besides the helplessness and hopelesnness that drives an individual to take his own life. ( since in his mind he feels that is the only thing that he has any control left).

Sgbluechip said...

Hi, thanks for the friendly reminder! Point taken! Appreciate it too!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you meant it to be that way. But the very thought of it could happen is feasible.
These are simple elderly folks who trusted their favourite banks which had played them out.

There was totally no helpline for them from the banks as to look into their sorrow plight. Accept Mr Tan Kin Lian who volunteered to assist them in whatever ways possible to ease their agony at the moment.

So far, I did not see our Government assisting them about this matter. There is no effort on their part to comfort or console them. Would they genuinely care if anyone were to die because of these failed investments?

la papillion said...


Hope my work is recession proof too, haha!

Sgbluechip said...

Hi LP, have surfed your tuition website and I must say that you have curved a niche in your area.

Regardless of industries, as long as you have your niche, you are recession resilient!

On a side note, I believe your income is at least 5 digits monthly as you are rewarded for your niche, yah?? hahaha!!