Thursday, December 11, 2008

Earn $20,000 monthly easily

Beware! If you believe my title, you might be the next victim.

Warren Buffet earns only US$100,000 (less than US$9,000 monthly) as a CEO in Berkshire Hathaway today.

His job is not easy.


AN UNEMPLOYED man who cheated four women he came to know on Internet chatlines of nearly $40,000 was jailed for 27 months on Wednesday.

Tan Sze Leong, 29, who pleaded guilty last Friday to seven of 19 charges, boasted that he came from a wealthy family, was living in Bukit Timah and had a personal driver.

Two of his victims, Ms Jiang Wei Yeow, 33, and Ms Ivy Teo Mei Ling, 35, were conned after he said he was looking for a personal assistant who would get $15,000 to $20,000 a month to run his errands.

But Tan said the personal assistant had to pay for his expenses first and be reimbursed later. They volunteered their services.

A district court heard that Ms Teo came to know Tan from the the internet chatline in February last year. He used nicknames 'wealthy guy' and 'rich guy' online and identified himself as 'Barry''.

About five months later after she had volunteered to be his personal assistant, Tan asked her to prepare $5,000 for his entertainment expenses for a client.

Ms Teo, believing that he was a rich man's son, borrowed the sum from her sister and handed the cash to him.

As for Ms Jiang, Tan told her over the 'Singapore 30 Plus'' chatline that he was looking for a personal assistant to run errands and provide sexual services.

He claimed that he ran a company and that the $20,000 monthly salary would be paid through his banker.

Ms Jiang was deceived into buying two Gucci bags, a Louis Vuitton handbag and 18 sets of mobile phones totalling $19,345 which were handed to Tan between June 15 and 17.
Tan gave the branded handbags to his girlfriend.

The other two victims, Ms Marina Wong May Li, 29, and Ms Bai Huiting, 19, were cheated of their mobile phone and laptop respectively. The items were recovered.

The ABCD of this story:

Apply common sense in life.

Be cautious of what others tell you and do not believe it wholesale.

Curb your greed.

Do not expect shortcut in life.

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