Friday, December 26, 2008

Spending my year end bonus

I just received my annual payslip and was pleasantly surprised to know that I have earned a gross annual income of $80,000 this year, $10,000 more last year. I expect next year’s income to be around this region or at most $2,000 more, assuming I stay on to my current job. As I did not travel overseas, I decided to spend more on buying material goods for my family, close friends and myself.

Some of the purchases were in the grey region of needs and wants. For instance, a comprehensive health checkup is a need and I have signed up for SPA and gym to improve my overall health being. It can be justified that it is a “need” I want.

Same goes with humidifier, which improves my sleep (and health); new clothes are definitely “wants”, yet necessary spending “needs” for working people.

Fortunately, I have applied for some credit cards that come with cash rebates helped to defray my costs.

I have calculated that I have a budget deficit of about $1,000 after adjusting for a cancelled $2,400 travel expenses. I guess the additional $1,000 will have to come from my dividends and additional bonus. No harm to exceed the budget as long as you know where the money is going.

I shall work harder to earn and save more in 2009!


MakeTraffic said...

Happy new year!

May 2009 bring you joy, health and fortune!

Cheers! Maketraffic

Kay said...

Happy New Year ! All the best for 2009 and hope we will huat in the stock market ! :)