Monday, January 25, 2010

Portfolio Updates

My portfolio of invested amount went up slightly to breach the $400k mark last week when I took the opportunity to invest as STI fell. If you have read my post here, you would have realised that I need to invest $66k annually from 2010 and acheive return of 7.1% compounded yield before I can reach $1M in 2015.

This means that I need to invest another $10k more to reach my target this year.

Is that possible? I am not sure. Markets are volatile and the economic cycle seems shorter and shorter. My masters programme seems painfully slow to complete and I am literally struggling with my 14 hour job daily (including weekends).

I have switched to a new role (downgraded actually) in my company which means I have to be monitored closely. I hate that kind of feeling of being watched and assessed by goondos. This means that I am likely to tender my resignation and go into full time studies at the end of this year.

Where can I get $66k to invest if I have to be out of job for 6 months? Classmates will shun me too!! haha.. especially the girls!!

The only consolation I have is that my dividends of at least 5% per year will provide me with $20k of pocket money (annually) if I am out of job. (actually slightly more lah!)

That said, I think with prudent money management, having $400,000 of investment funds right now is a nice moment to savour. Although I hope I can breach the $0.5M mark soon, but I do hope the trade offs that comes along are not high...

Thanks for reading this blog and saving it at your favourites. Many people have followed my investment journey... MW, LP, WJ, JW, Marvin, Drizzit, Panzer, ghchua and many more.. I hope you guys will be around, young and fit when I write my $1M post!! :)


axt said...

Hi, I have been following your blog since I stumble into your blog last Dec. We have similar investment goal (passive income). I started investment on my own in my mid 30. I'm currently 38, my current investment porfolio is around 50k. I intend to invest another 100k. Your porfolio are impressive. I hope we can chat more on investment strategy/info. My email:

cheers, anthony

la papillion said...


Hey, I also know I'll be a millionaire, it's just how long it'll take only :) At most I need 30 yrs, so let's see if I can shorten that process :)

I'm sure you can reach your millionarie status too :)

JW said...

Jiayou SGBlueChip!

Feel so honoured you mentioned me in the post :)

I'm nearing my 120k mark, excluding any unrealised gains... which isn't a lot to begin with since my strategy is similar to yours; mainly in defensive dividend stocks...

400k is like wow! I hope to achieve that before 30 years old... Or perhaps... reach that 0.5M mark by then... I have only 3 more years... sounds a bit too lofty, but I shall try...

Sgbluechip said...

Hi guys, thanks for encouragement! It's going to be 9pm soon, and I am still working in office, crazy life, how to study right!! Rants!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! have been reading your blog on off since mid of last year. like what you write - except for some parts on dating and the cost (since i am a girl hhaha) - but yes, your aim is the same as mine. passive income. so that we won't have to be depended on 14 hours a day jobs just to scrimp and save to buy a stupid 1m plus condo and be shackled to our desks for another 30 years to come.

Hoon Thien Rong said...

losing an income will be destructive, might need to cut expenses and find a more happier job.

WitchZ said...

Hiya! Found your blog while "looking" for more Blue Chips. Switching from a post may not be that bad, as apply the "hourglass" theroy. Happy New Year!!!

NonT said...

Hello SBC !!
I just came across your blog today, and have spent
a few great hours reading through how you overcame 2008-2009 world-wide sub-prime crisis.
I'll certainly follow-up on older articles as well as look forward to articles yet to be posted.
Your blog is an invaluable source of information and inspiration for financial management plans to fresh-grad-to-be such as myself. I will certainly tell my friends who are interested in blue chips about your blog.
I'm wishing you all the very best to your M.Sc. Applied Finance, and beyond. Certainly, you're on your way to your 1M mark.


Sgbluechip said...

Thank you Nont!

ThinkNotLeft said...

Hi SGBlueChip

It is impressive that you actually post your portfolio value online. Not many people, including I, will do that.

On a side note, you may wish to look at First Reit. First Reit may be safer than Macquarie Infrastructure (in terms of gearing).

I am not vested in First Reit, as I am more interested in capital gains than dividends.

Oh said...

how do you manage to achieve more than 7% return on your investment portfolio? highest I saw was only REIT stocks...which stocks you are looking at?