Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exchange Programme @ UOA

Dear readers:

Sorry for the lack of updates! Sgbluechip has taken a step to go overseas for studies (exchange programme) and currently resides in University of Adelaide. It is a scary yet refreshing experience. Internet connection took days before it was set up. Some photos will tell a little of my story...

Taking portfolio theory (CAPM) and Alternative Investments modules

Streets of Adelaide

More buildings

The place is just so big! Traffic is fine, people are friendly, air is fresh and climate is wonderful!
I can't blog much, due to limited and slow connectivity. Photos were taken from my trusty 2 MP iphone. SBC apologise for the poor resolutions! More updates will be given when I settle down! Wishing a belated happy new year and a huat year for all my readers!!!


Musicwhiz said...

Good luck for your studies ! Hope to see more updates....


Vincent said...

it's an amazing blog you have here. i saw my colleague reading it and decide to check it out too. :P

i find we are quite similar (financially). but for investment portfolio i also diverge into forex on top of bluechips shares. and i was also planning to take a masters from Adelaide last year (plus go for their 2 weeks exchange program). the experience really looks fun.

will be catching up more updates from yr blog.

Sgbluechip said...

Hi MW and vincent, thanks!

Silencer said...

enjoy adelaide! :)