Monday, October 18, 2010

Mapletree Industrial Reit (MIT)

I was rather pissed off when I was only allocated 3 lots for GLP. MIT seems the next best alternative as the market is still flushed with liquidity. The balloting results of GLP suggest that many retail investors applied up to $2M for GLP. A few others applied with $1M. I salute them, though they earned about $1.2k profit immediately in 3 days. Given the response for GLP, I expect MIT to rise at least 6% on day 1. That said, I playfully applied for a few lots. I think it was about 60 lots. Not expecting to keep it for long, perhaps to earn just a bit of kopi money for Oct.

I got 0 lots allocated this time. Wow, my guess is MIT will rise 10% on debut.


Musicwhiz said...

Preparing to stag MIT? Not sure what the balloting will be like but most people should be able to get some.

Good luck!

Alan said...

what is your target price for MIT for selling?