Monday, October 18, 2010

Stretch you dollars series: Preferred Banking Standard Chartered Bank

Just receive the preferred banking package. The package sent was quite delightful, considering that I only applied for a credit card and current account.

The card comes with 25,000 points upon first transaction.

There is an overdraft facility that is interest free (without processing fees) for the first $3,000 drawn upon. The current account comes with a debit card that comes with 2% cashback on mastercard spending.

Spending gives 1.5x reward points for $1,500 of spending and below; 2.5x reward points for purchases above that.

Different account categories earn points monthly. For example, a current account, time deposit and investment account earn 250 points monthly or 750 points in total. Online payment of credit card also yield 250 points.
The package comes with some 1-1 vouchers.

I have enquired that there is no termination fees AFTER 6 months for preferred banking account. Before that there is a $30 early account closure fee.

Not a bad deal.

Qualifying criteria: Earn more than $6000 monthly or have $50,000 with SCB. If you have a mortgage with more than $600,000 in value, you also qualify.

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Musicwhiz said...

Only $50,000 with SCB and you can have this card? Sounds like they really courting customers...

Anyway most of the items within the package seem designed to make you spend, spend, borrow, borrow. oh well, Banks!