Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hong Kong Small Size Properties

I have always like Hong Kong and have stayed there several times during my course of work and leisure. I remembered staying in one of the islands know as Pak Lai Wan for a couple of weeks and I was extremely impressed by the smallish apartment.

The apartment featured here is about 750 sq ft and costs SGD$660k. It is extremely decent, with 2 bedrooms and a seaview of the QingMa bridge.

Cars are not allowed in the island and residents can either take a shutter bus or ferry to reach their homes. It is 20 minutes ferry ride to Central (10 mins interval on average) or 10 minutes shuttle service to and fro Tsuen Wan. This is really pollution free place!

I am really amazed by just how they can pack good quality furnishings into a compact apartment without you feeling suffocated. Full condo facilities and a heated pool. Perfect!

If you are staying at this kind of apartment anywhere in Singapore, it will definitely cost you at least 2x the quantum, not forgetting you will not get the views below...
Getting up early in the morning with such views, no matter how small your living space is, you feel that you are having the whole world! This is first hand experience, honest!

Conclusion: Singapore property is too expensive, even by HK standards!


Musicwhiz said...

Hmm, I am surprised at the size of Hong Kong apartments. I stayed in a HK hotel before and the room was tiny enough to make me feel claustrophobic - definitely not a very pleasant experience overall.

I guess I am a guy who prefers large spaces within his abode. My own HDB flat is about 102 square metres, haha.


Lizardo said...

You know it's tiny when you open the front door, took a few steps, and fell out the kitchen window.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lai Wan is notorious for being too far from the city, esp. during weekends when there are less shuttle buses. You can imagine what will happen when there is a typhoon. S$660K for 750 sq ft is definitely overpriced.

I came from Hong Kong. I found Singapore a paradise compared with the crowded living environment in Hong Kong.

Kay said...

Wow, the view is marvelous for a small place.