Wednesday, November 24, 2010

M1 Good Service

I am really impressed by M1. I made a call to them today and wanted to change my subscription plan. Initially, there was a $20 charge and I casually mention to them to waive it, they acceded to my request without any objection.

Thereafter, they informed my that as I am on corporate plan, my new plan costs only $20.54. I replied that I was not aware I should be enjoying corporate rates and the phone officer volunteered to give me a $5 rebate on my phone bill for the next 6 months as goodwill compensation.

I decided that my data plan was going to waste as I seldom use the internet other than checking emails. Besides my company provides a state of the art smartphone that has everything to keep me working 24 hours. I can't be surfing internet on both phones together right? Hence I decide to withdraw my personal data plan from M1.

More savings for me ahead, though I still prefer the days when apple and blackberry are just fruits.

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