Monday, April 15, 2013


Fortunately I closed my entire SPH position in one day when it reached $4.47. It is facing the stark fact that it is a sunset/declining industry, inching its demise towards paperless age. The REIT story was a nice opportunity to exit at a modest profit. Will it materialize? Perhaps not in the next 6 months. 
I have since reinvested the proceeds in unit trust, oil and gas, utilities sector and embarked on portfolio financing by pledging all my shares and unit trust to a bank. By end of May, I should be able to gear my portfolio to about $800,000 at 1.05% preferential lending rate given by my company.
By then, my monthly passive income should reach $3,000 per month after accounting for interest costs and net yield on my capital will be at least 8% P.A.
Stay tuned for my updates. 


Robotcop said...

Hi Sgblue chips,

Just curious your project $800k does it include cpf investment ?

Thank for answering

Robotcop said...

hi sgblue chip,

May i know your projected $800k does it include CPF ?

Sgbluechip said...

No. CPF used for house purchase already

Robotcop said...

Wow..pure cash.i only managed to accumulate 600k plus cash when i am 32 thru years of hard works and saving.

Dont you need to spend on wedding and honeymood they can be quite cosy.

Well done did singaporean proud

Nan Ke said...

Could you advise which bank provide Portfolio Financing in Singapore. Thank you