Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What happened to my Sembcorp put option trade I did in March?

After entering the trade on my ELN for SCI, my initial outlay for 11,000 shares was 54,604.28. It was converted to shares, instead of just earning the option premium. Just after it went XD, I sold it at $5.02, settlement amount was $55,107.73. Hence capital gain was about $500. I am also entitled the $0.15 per share dividend, which works out to be $1650. Hence the total gain was $2,150. In percentage terms, my gain was 3.9% over 1 month.
Given the current rising/range trading markets, I will be looking to invest into more ELNs to be given the opportunity to add blue chips into my portfolio at a lower market price.

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oradba168 said...

Bro, I have done ELN before, from UOB. May i know which Bank did you have SembCorp ELN ?