Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good bye textbooks..

Today my maid was clearing my room and asked whether she could (finally) clear my unwanted texts, files and notes I have not touched for years. I gladly agreed.

I used to have the habit of keeping ALL my textbooks religiously for fear that I may need them if I ever meet an unsolvable problem at work. My belief was shattered as over the past decade, nothing of such happened. 

No wonder I do not see any plumber or air con technician bringing along their work manual to my home! The notes and text I have “saved up” no longer serve any purpose other than giving me lift to nostalgia lane. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of books but not knowledge; a lot of information but not intelligence; learnt a lot of case studies but not actionable plans. Are they worth keeping if they no longer serve the purpose of education?

I am a firm believer that the purpose of education is to fill an empty mind to an open one; thus I would gladly trade them for a cleaner room.  

Finally, I have more breathing space to fill up an open mind!


Derek said...


Your handwriting is very neat.

I come from a IT background and I kept those thick IT books thinking that I too will have to refer to it someday. However, with Google and Forums, there is no problem that cannot be solved. IT also gets obsolete quickly.

I still have a few left though but it is more of sentimental reasons. The nostalgic feelings of looking back as I flipped through each page filled with scribbles.

PS: I think I still have my primary school exercise book somewhere. kekeke

RetailTrader said...

Heh I bet this happens to the most of us. I'm definitely guilty as charged, but moving house and being lazy to shift things over to the new place has the (unintended) effect of solving this problem ;)