Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More trading

I contra off my capitaland @ 4.95 and SPH @ 4.06 for a total modest gain of $190 yesterday. My gain from DBS (contra) was $190 earlier this month. It can get a tad addictive to glue my eyes on the computer screen while working. However, it does add just a bit of excitement in my working life!

Today I bought 2 lots of SPC @ $5.42 mainly for trading purposes. Again, if it falls badly tomorrow, I will not be cutting loss and will keep it till the next dividend payout.

SPC share price has been plunging due to crude oil prices. It doesn’t really make sense as it does not profit from high oil prices either. It is likely the fall in crude oil signals falling demand for oil refinery products as well.

In any case, the US markets and crude oil prices will dictate my realise gains or unrealised paper losses. I do suspect that many traders were shorting SPC shares today. Hence, there is a slight chance of a small rebound tomorrow where I can exit for a modest gain.

Readers are reminded that my trading will be limited to $9k-$12k contract value, as it has never been my intention to substitute trading for income investing. The stocks I shortlist for trading will also be blue chips, for liquidity and dividend reasons.

Singpost went XD today. I have secured $625 dividend payout receivable on 29th August.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know how much shares you bought into SingPost to receive such an attractive dividend? How long did you hold to this stock to entitle you a payout?

Sgbluechip said...

I have 50 lots of Singpost and 45 lots of SPH currently.