Friday, August 1, 2008

Stock transactions and portfolio summary July 08


Singpost: 10,000 shares @ $1.02

SPH: 6000 shares @ $4.18

SPH: 6000 shares @ $4.005


SPH: Contra 6000 shares @ $4.08

Realised trading gains of $280




HL Finance: 3000 shares @ $3.48

Realised gains of $138


Singpost: $500 (FY 07 final dividend of 2.5 cents/share)


In July 08, I received $500 dividends from Singpost and made $280 trading SPH when market went up 3% the following day. Together, I have a net cashflow of $780 in July 08.

I sold (contra) SPH for short term gains because SPH rebounded very sharply together with the broader market which in my opinion was unsustainable. I was actually correct as SPH went down to $3.96 the following day. I stayed by the sidelines and was hoping to pick up more when it falls to $3.90.

HL finance is due to report its 2H report in August. I believe it will come out with a decent set of results. This counter has a low trading volume and is quite a safe counter to hold. It currently trades narrowly between $3.41-$3.58. I will pick up more using cash or CPF to earn some extra bucks.


la papillion said...


haha, good returns you having :) Congrats!

Sgbluechip said...

Thanks! It's hard to earn a regular income from stocks in this bear market!

Looking at SPC for the dividend yield also. Hopefully can pick up a few at a bargain price.