Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carrying $70,000 spare cash daily

I always have friends commenting on carrying around a thick wallet which looks rather sloppy and uncool. Today as I was sorting out my wallet, I was appalled by the excess items I was carrying. The majority was credit cards.

As you can see, I have too many credit cards! Assuming an average of $8,000 credit limit from each bank, I effectively bring more than $70,000 out everyday! If I were to lose my wallet, I may have to write down this loss if all cards were max out to the credit limit.


Why do I need so many credit cards? Most were applied out of fun and freebies. They do not serve much use nor do I use them to obtain credit. I generally only use the Citibank dividend card for most of my purchases and would only use other banks’ credit cards when there is a special tie up with other retail shops.

The other cards in my wallet include:


Popular card

ATM card

EZ Link

Passion Card (to earn link points)

I have decided to just keep 2 credit cards in my wallet for security purposes.

PS: As I do not have a digital camera, the above picture was taken by my trusty 2 mega pixels nokia camera phone. Apologies for the “poor” shot! (double entendre intended)


musicwhiz said...

Wow interesting, never seen so many cards together in one place before.

For myself, personally, I only use 1 credit card, and it's from UOB. This means I can't make use of so many discounts but then it makes it much simpler to track my spending (only one statement).


la papillion said...


Haha, you're the opposite of me :) I've never had credit cards my whole life. I intend to change that fact and applied for the Maybank after knowing of the $100 cash credit.

UOB card is quite a good card to have as they usually have discounts on the haunts that I frequent :)

Take care!

Sgbluechip said...

Hi MW and LP, for me I am using Citibank dividend as my main spending card. Instead of accumulating points, I get cash. It has an online function in the form of pie chart to breakdown our spending into entertainment, shopping, travel etc, which at a glance captures our spending habits.