Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fortune Telling Part 1

I went for fortune telling yesterday, after some persuasion from my aunt. My ex-teacher happened to be the son-in-law of a fortune teller and after listening several times of his FIL’s outstanding predictions, I decided to seek advice after years of procrastination.

It sounds unbelievable but I still went ahead as I am curious to know what my future holds.

The fortune teller (FT) started by asking my date and time of birth. Then he went on to give advice:

He admitted frankly that my life is rather weak. Based on my 8 characters, I belonged to the fire element. However, I have an overwhelming water and gold element which is detrimental to my well-being. Gold grows water and water destroys fire. He went on to give specific advice to different aspects of my life:

Career: As I belong to the fire element, I should be doing work they revolves around wood (W) and fire (F) elemental. This includes: furniture business (W), music instruments (W), book keeping(W); restaurateur (F), computer based work (F), police and army officers (F), electrical engineering (F). I should avoid being a fireman, coffeeshop owner or be involved in water and steel related industries such as sailor or rigs building.

He has advised me to change my current job even though it belongs to the wood element, as it requires expending tremendous “chi” in the process which is detrimental to my health.

Family: As for my family, he is not exactly accurate on this aspect but the takeaway advice is to listen to my mother.

Money: This is the least accurate aspect. He said that I am destined to have a lot of money but I will also spend it rather quickly perhaps on unnecessary items. This is probably because money comes easily for me. I did not rebuke him directly, but I did spend a lot of money trying to make more money with little results though! He did ask me to be thriftier.

Considering my spending habits, I do think I am either a saver or miser! Who is still using a 2001 Acer computer these days? My monitor was borrowed and subsequent given for free by my friend after the old one broke down after 5 years.

Here is a glimpse of my monthly expenses:

Hence, perhaps he meant that I should spend less on investment!

Marriage: As I have a lot of gold element in my life, I should have a lot of wives if I were born in the olden times. However, this doesn’t bode well for a modern person. I do not know how to cherish woman and will usually end up liking someone else in the end.

His prediction is rather accurate here as I shared my love history with him. He advised me to get married the year after as my Ms Right will appear next year. I must control my behaviour or I will be involved in extra marital affairs.

Health: According to my 8 characters, I should be careful of strenuous exercises as it affects the heart (fire element). The most attention I should pay to is my blood, kidney and bladder which all belong to my nemesis element—Water.

Colours: My lucky colours are green (W) and red (F). I should avoid white (gold), black (water) and blue (water).

There is a lot of advice that I can’t crystallize and put them into words at the moment.

Will try to pen down part 2 when I have time.


cif5000 said...

I notice from your expenses that you didn't budget for paying your income taxes?!?!?!

Sgbluechip said...

Good point! That will be an additional $100 monthly expense!

Everlearning said...

Don't take the fortune teller too seriously. He is just making a living.

To me, you are a very thrifty person, meticulous enough to keep records on savings and expenditures. You should have saved this money for better use.

The fortune telling on Singapore flyer was the greatest piece of joke in our Singapore history. Was this sign of desperation? To justify something? You are a smart person, and I believe you know the answer.

Sgbluechip said...

Hi EL, I am inclined to believe that my current job is not suitable for me and that I have a new gal in my life next year! haha!