Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fortune Telling Part 2 (Final)

Part 2 is rather short as the FT basically summarises my fortune within each 5 year intervals in my life, from one year old onwards.

To my surprise, he had accurately (80%) predicted the ups and downs of my life from one till twenty nine. He can even recite the problems I have with my boss and aware that I am under tremendous stress this year. Words of comfort were given and he assured that life will be much better next year. (Probably those who seek fortune tellers are entering rough patches!)

My worst year in my life will be in 2012, year of Dragon. I need to see him for consultation to “pu3 gua4” on how to advert the crisis. In fact, for the next 10 years from 2012, I will be entering an extended rough patch. I must not be involved in dangerous occupations and be extremely careful. Good fortune will only resume in 2023.

How much do I believe in the $50 fortune telling? I must say I am sitting on the fence. My teacher definitely does not know anything about my life and work problems hence prior “information leakage” is unlikely.

If the fortune teller is just guessing, the odds are high against him to be precise in his predictions.

Anyhow, I believe that my life and fate is in my hands. As long as I exercise regularly, stay healthy, be optimistic and happy, I am sure I can triumph over whatever challenges that confront me.

I choose how to live life and not submit to destiny!

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