Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today two Christians paid a random house visit to me, attempting to preach and convince me to accept God. We had a rather interesting discussion, as they provide me with evidence of God’s existence. I am no atheist and I keep an open mind to everything.

I remember asking several interesting questions like:

If on the basis that everything we see, hear and touch can justify the existence of God, then who created God?

Can a circular logic of “because there is A, thus there is God; because there is God, thus there is A” be logically consistent and acceptable?

There are many things that cannot be explained in science, but let me give you an analogy. If I have a time machine and I travel back to caveman era, living behind my torchlight, the caveman who finds my torchlight will think that God appeared and gave him portable light, as he cannot explain otherwise. The point is, the history of Science is less than 100 years. Things that cannot be explained now cannot be attributed conveniently to the existence of a supreme being.

Why is there suffering if there is God?

I was told that all the signs point to the fact that God will soon be coming to save his followers. However, we have seen countless signs (e.g., food shortage, wars, famine, natural disasters) during the history of mankind. I would prefer to extrapolate and perceive that such phases will pass and come again, without a saviour.

The Christians gave long and well structured answers to my queries. Though at times I cannot agree with them, I am not rejecting the existence of God altogether. There are things that really, cannot be explained using words, though at the moment I am happy to be without a religion.

I really admire these Christians who remained steadfast in their beliefs and knock very door to spread their faith. I may not agree with them totally, but they often touched me with their unwavering determination. Life is also about accepting and respecting differences too right?

As Albert Einstein had said, education is to fill an empty mind to an open one. I remain open to be convinced of all possibilities.


Homely Guy said...


After reading your post, i feel that we are on the same frequency. :)

I consider myself a free thinker, open minded, perhaps an agnostic, definitely not an atheist.

I believe all religions have a common good, that is to unite their believers and encourage them in life.

Whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Indian, I respect them and accept them in their own ways.

And I'm happy in my own way as well.

Cheers ;)

cybeRanger said...

Thanks for sharing.

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