Monday, June 9, 2008

Be a blue chip

As my readers know, I enjoy buying into blue chip companies as they are (relatively) safe. We should aspire to be a blue chip in our workplace as well.

In your company, you should be

1) Well known for the right reasons.

2) Mature and steady (stable) professional.

3) Indispensable as you provide services and expertise that is of necessity even during economic downturns.

4) Earning consistently high income and getting at least 5% increment (growth) annually.

5) Paying out dividends in the form of treats, gifts to your colleagues as work success is usually a team effort.

Outside your company, you should be giving out

1) Tax deductible cash dividends to charity as the kind will be rewarded.
2) Non tax-exempt cash dividends to your family as they are the ones whom you are working for.

On your own, you should set short, mid and long term plans so as to ensure you have planned adequately for your future. Be a person who is always equipped with proper planning and life will never go too wrong for you.

Be a blue chip, buy the blue chips, grow with the blue chips and you will always be prosperous.



Anonymous said...

Hi Blue Chip,
Very insightful of u...
But then again,be careful not to fall in the sea of blue cos by then you would be just another chip.
Rather than be indispensable, i strive to be irreplacable.
Good luck,
Purple chip

Sgbluechip said...

Hi, thanks purple chip! It's good to be ambitious! But nowadays, nobody is irreplacable. Even the boss can be replaced by a competent CEO.