Friday, June 27, 2008

No time to blog!

For readers who have faithfully followed my blog, I apologise for my tardiness in blogging. The simple reason is that I am back to work and everyday is a mad rush. I get back home daily, feeling extremely tired. As I slouch on the sofa and feel thirsty, I cannot even summon enough energy to bring myself a cup of tea.

That is how draining my work is, an integration of construction worker and war strategist.

I think you get the idea.

In fact, I do have quite a bit to update on my investments. This month has been quite a good month for me as I sold off some of my holdings for a profit, collected dividends and also bought Hong Leong Finance.

I will be updating on Monday (hopefully) on my portfolio and gains for June.

Thank you for following my blog closely. I get about 100 over viewers daily, quite an amazing feat for a 2 month old blog!

Thanks dudes and babes!

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