Monday, June 30, 2008

Stock transactions and June portfolio summary June 08




Starhub: 35000 shares@ $2.92

Realised gains of $1100


Starhub: 3000 shares@ $2.67

HL Finance: 3000 shares@ $3.41


Starhub: 3000 shares @ $2.73

Realised gains of $165 (CPF)


In June 08, I have received $1,575 of dividends from Starhub. Together with the capital gains, I made a net profit (cash) of $2,675 in a month's time.

The reason I sold starhub is to free up more cash to pick up bargains at current valuations. In fact, I queued daily for 10 lots of SPH @ $4.20 daily but with no luck at all!

Also, I am worried that Starhub's profitability may be threatened due to number portability and increased advertising expenditure. Considering Starhub Q1's report, EPS is @ 4.5 cents, dividend payout is also 4.5 cents, a 100% dividend payout ratio. I am concern if Starhub can keep up with the dividend payout.

Nonetheless, I will keep Starhub under my radar screen and will start to buy again when Starhub drops below $2.65.

Currently, I feel that HL Finance, SPH and Suntec Reit are worth a second look as they are trading at attractive valuations. I will monitor them closely and buy at huge dips.

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