Wednesday, June 11, 2008

EURO Fever

I am in a state of daze everyday due to the late nights EURO! I am actually not a soccer fan, but rather an uncle gambler! As most of my friends are football fanatics, our supper meet ups usually revolve around the latest bets. Hence inevitably, I am “embroiled” into the soccer (gambling) season!

My current “investment yield” in EURO 2008 is as follows:

Matches/ Gains or (loss)

Switzerland VS Czech Republic/ ($10)

Lost $10 at opening match to show my support for host country.

Austria VS Croatia/ $60

Won $60 when I placed a $100 bet against Croatia.

Germany VS Poland/ $38

Won $38 for supporting Germany!

France VS Romania/ ($50)

Lost $50 for believing in the French.

Spain VS Russia/ $ 32

Won $32 by placing a $50 bet to support Spain.

Subtotal: $70

Capital: 310

Gain for the week: 70/310 = 22.5%

I advocate my readers not to bet on soccer as the (SINGAPORE POOLS) odds are simply against the gambler! Though when possibilities (of winning) are in perspective, probabilities (of losing) get thrown out of sight!

It is likely I will not carry on betting on the EURO as the results are much tougher to predict relative to World Cup. I realized that the standard of the EURO teams that are playing are similar to World cup Semi finalist contenders. Score margins are pretty thin and the probabilities of draw matches become higher as the teams progress.

Although the amount I place for the bets are small, I am often too concern of the match outcome to sleep properly. I do wake up in the middle of the night (unplanned) to check the results and have difficulty sleeping thereafter.

In fact, I am down with a mild fever due to poor sleep. Hence, the capital outlay is not only monetary but also my health. Thus, I will now choose to keep my profits and eradicate my silly gambling habit to restore my mind and body.

I shall say NO to gambling for now!


crystzal said...

Do take care for health is wealth too... Enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work. :)

Jeflin said...

Gambling on soccer is certainly more risky than your investments in the stock market.

But if it is spare money which you can afford to lose, then don't worry about it.

By the way, can I do a link exchange with your blog?


Sgbluechip said...

Hi jeflin, already added your link to my blog.

Anyway, gambling is bad for health and pocket, so I shall try to stop for now!

Thanks crystzal for your encouragement!

PanzerGrenadier said...

I also had some fun during the 2006 World Cup...

Soccer betting is that - betting. If one takes it as a hobby and small vice and sets aside small sums, that is the cost of a hobby.

But if one goes into soccer betting (or share punting for that matter), is it gambling.

Enjoy but do catch up on sleep...hahahha