Monday, June 2, 2008

On course: 8 benefits!

I’m on 2 weeks course which is wonderful!

Firstly, I do not have to see my boss’s face and attend silly meetings with silly people.

Secondly, I get to eat different food after eating the same puke in my workplace area for years.

Thirdly, I get to see different people and hopefully meet my future wife there.

Fourthly, I can knock off at 4.30pm after negotiating with the trainer to just give us 1 hour lunch break instead of 1.5 hours.

Actually I requested to leave at 4 by giving up the 2 coffee breaks (morning and afternoon), but was turned down as food have already been intended (SAF style).

Fifth, I get to learn something new in a new environment with new people.

Sixth, I do not have my laptop with me which means I do not have to monitor the stock market and it is in line with my principle of passive portfolio management. It is hard to resist the temptation to monitor the stock markets actually! No more temptation to trade too!

Seventh, I can find time in between lunch and coffee breaks to read an investment book (more about it later) I borrowed. Good utilization of time!

Eighth, I get to wear casual which saves me time from ironing shirts and pants.

As the course was conducted near Tiong Bahru, I have to leave home earlier to beat the costly ERP on PIE and CTE. The money saved on road tolls bought me a healthy breakfast, papers and tea with some spare change. I prefer not to trade 30 minutes sleep by paying $5 for ERP. The money can be put to better use!

Now I realized that it is actually quite costly to work in town area. The MOS burger lunch already cost me $7. My parking expense was fortunately $3 (park and ride) only. The traffic conditions was quite bad on the way home hence more fuel was wasted in between the jam.

Well, the additional expense incurred is well covered by the 8 benefits! You can’t win everything in life! I choose to look on the bright side!

Perhaps my next job is to be a trainer!

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