Monday, June 16, 2008

Vietnamese brides for sale!

I find the above video rather sad. Young, pretty Vietnamese girls are shipped to Singapore to become brides of single, fat, old men.

The price? SGD $10,000.

The Vietnamese brides to be have to go through screening for diseases and virginity tests.

I find it rather humiliating from the girl’s perspective to go through the virginity test.
After all, did the men they are marrying go through the same tests?

Is the cost of a ticket from third world to first, one’s body, pride and soul?

Readers are welcome to leave comments after watching the above video.

On a lighter note, one of the girls in the video is really quite chio!


ivan foo said...

hi. my name is ivan, i am a student from NUS. i am currently doing a project comparing the valuation of SDU services as compared to private match-making firms. i find your video on the sale of vietnamese brides very interesting and useful to my research, and i would appreciate it very much if you are able to send me the video that you have on your blogger? i would provide a reference to your blog should i use the video for future presentations, i need the video only to do length editing. =) my email address is and i look forward towards your reply. thanks and have a nice day. cheers!

Sgbluechip said...

You can download the video from youtube, like I did.