Friday, June 6, 2008

Stretch your dollar series: Standard Chartered Bank 10% cashback

I just received a mailer from Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) stating that I will be eligible for a 10% cashback (of up to $100) for all retail purchases charged to my credit card (CC).

I was elated as I have 2 credit card accounts with SCB and that means I can get up to $200 rebates by spending $1000 on each card.

In order to confirm the offer, I made a call to their platinum hotline. Luckily, I checked and it was then I realized that only my VISA Platinum was eligible for the GSS promotion. The promotion has started and will end on 20th July. The cashback will be credited to my CC account by end August.

This is still good news! Last year when I applied for the Master card, I was given the 10% rebate a month later promptly. I merely spent on necessities such as petrol, coupons and Starhub bills.

For Starhub bills, I went down to Starhub centre and paid the bills 10 months in advance. I remembered paying $300 for my phone bill, $400 for my cable TV, together with some arrears. (I usually pay Starhub after getting repeated reminders. I cannot do that for Singtel though, as it levies at $0.50 reminder fine!)

This is as good as earning a 10% interest by depositing $1000 into my Starhub account! On top of that, I get to earn CC and Starhub points!

Alternatively, I can splurge on a new desktop at a 10% discount. However, I hope I can resist the temptation of IT fair!

Check your postal box now!

Take note that only customers who have received the mailers are eligible for this promotion.

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LeeSeng said...

Those who apply for new card year 2009 during the GSS period also get to enjoy the 10% cash back for first 2 months. 1 of the telemarketeer even ask me to sign up a new Business credit card to enjoy the service even she knows that I already has their credit card.